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Every end is a new beginning.

Cesc has one foot out the door. There is no other way around it. It is tough to lose our captain, but it must be done. For the future of the club it has to happen. But no matter how much I love Cesc and what he has done; I can’t get past his, dare I say it, lack of commitment to our club. The thing is, I don’t want a player on our squad who doesn’t want to be a Gunner. No matter how good or important a player, I want someone who loves the club and wants to be an Arsenal player. Someone we can look to as our guy.

In thinking more about it, there are three words that can perfectly describe what Arsenal needs.

Emotion. Passion. Loyalty.

Emotion. We need someone who cares about winning and isn’t afraid to show it on the field. They need to play with conviction.

Passion. Arsenal needs a man who is passionate about his club, his teammates, and his fans. I’m talking about the guy who will get in another player’s face when they take a Gunner out with a nasty tackle. We need someone willing to put themselves out there and mix it up for the team. But to also be the guy who loves his fans as much as they love him.

Loyalty. Last on this list but never the least. No more growing in our squad then ditching us, we need a franchise player who will stick with us and make the team his. Someone who can lead us to trophy after trophy. Think about it, how easy was it to love Henry? He was, in my opinion, the most loved player our club has seen. The fact that he was with us for many seasons, along with his dazzling play, shows why the Gunner faithful cherished him. Loyalty is key in earning your managements, fans, and teammates respect.

The funny thing is, I think we already have that player.




Jack Wilshere.

He has it all. On top of it he has the talent too. I agree that we need to buy talented players in this transfer window. Without them you can’t win a trophy. But if they don’t want to be here or are indifferent, then I say be gone. Jack has shown that he loves the club and the fans. Follow him on twitter if you want proof. But look at the pictures above and remember those moments.

I dread remembering the Carling Cup final. That game pretty much sealed our downfall last season. But as I watched Jack cry on the pitch after that game, I couldn’t help but feel anything except absolute pride. He was brilliant that whole game, and his emotion after the game showed me how much he wanted it. A moment of vulnerability when professionals are usually solid rock. You can say that it was because he is young and doesn’t know better than to wear his emotions on his sleeve. But I say shame on you. I want more players like that. Emotion. Passion. Loyalty. Jack Wilshere embodies them all, and that is why he is my favorite player in all of football. Not because he has dazzling moves or scores goals in droves, but because of his raw desire. With Fabregas leaving, it is now time for Jack to fully step up and start leading us. All I can do about the future is hope that he stays with us well into his career, because losing him would be huge.

Which is why his injury means so much. We don’t know how long he will be gone for, but losing Cesc and Jack is a massive blow to our midfield. Not to mention Nasri being in doubt on top of it. All I can do is hope he recovers quickly to give our midfield some backbone. I could comment on how many players we need to bring in during the next two weeks, but frankly I am sick of it. I am ready for Newcastle tomorrow and to finally talk about the matches instead of transfer rumors all the time.

Hope everyone enjoys the game tomorrow and that the team can give us something positive to build on. Including the recovery of Jack Wilshere. Cheers and Forward Arsenal!

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