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Oh Captain, My Captain

I’m sick of it, and I am sure you are also. The never-ending news stories, debates, and idiotic offers by Barcelona for our beloved Cesc. Lately, I have started thinking about Arsenal without him. If he truly wants to go back to Spain, for personal reasons, then I say Wenger makes sure AFC gets what he is worth in the transfer and let him go. The only problem with that is Barcelona is being a bunch of snooty dingbags. If I were Cesc I would be a bit insulted that they say they want him but won’t pay for him. The best situation that could come out of this is if he loves Arsenal, plays for us until he is older, and then goes to end his career in Spain. But at this point that is a doubtful conclusion.

It has come to a head in the past couple days. With Arsenal higher-ups finally telling Barcelona to either cough up the required cash or get out. It took long enough for them to do it with all the putzing around that Barca have done. At this point, with the transfer window getting ever closer to finishing, we need this issue resolved. Not just to save us from the unrelenting news and rumors, but so we can move forward with our other transfer business. It’s obvious Arsenal needs some new blood for us to get back into the winner’s circle. But if you haven’t noticed, all of our possible big developments seem to depend on whether we sell Cesc or not. In more than one news story, I have read that Arsenal will use the funds brought in from the Cesc transfer to pay for said player. The most recent being Mata from Valencia. But if nothing else let it end for the sanity of Arsenal fans everywhere.

On the Boca game yesterday, there was absolute outrage in the Twitter Goonerverse over Nasri wearing the armband(not to mention the outrage over our poor play also). The question I have is why give the armband to a player supposedly leaving? Does this mean Nasri may stay? Who knows but we don’t need another thing to quarrel about right now. But this also showed how much of a presence Cesc is with that armband.

So to bring it home, whether Fabregas stays or goes, this needs to be resolved. So that we can move on with our lives and decide how we will attack the rest of this transfer window. But on a positive note let’s be excited about the season to come! I can’t wait for all this dreadful talk and Arsenal hate to be over, and for the actual playing to begin. Cheers.

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